A sex toy for the hippie sex addict

A sex toy for the hippie sex addict

By Stephanie Simeone, USA TODAYA sex toy with a cute “hippie” theme has taken the internet by storm, and now it could be on the market as soon as this week.

The first one to be on sale is called the “Bike Trainer Stand” by New York-based Toybond, which was designed by a man who’s a sex toy addict who’s been using it for about two years.

It features a vibrator that can be used to stimulate the genitals and the head of the toy, and it comes with a battery that can last for a couple of hours.

For $50, the stand is available from a couple toy stores in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s basically a small sex toy that vibrates when you insert it into your vagina, and then the vibrations create an intense pleasurable sensation, according to the company.

The stand can also be used for “touch play,” so the user can stimulate themselves with the toy as they use it, the company says.

Toybond sells its stand online at www.toybond.com and on Amazon.com.

Some of the reviews of the product are glowing, but others aren’t so kind.

“This is a really cute toy, but I’m not sure I want to have sex with it because it can be distracting,” one woman wrote.

“It is a cute toy but if you want to try to go beyond that you could do it by sitting on it.

I have been using this thing for a few months now and I think it is awesome and I do love it,” another woman wrote, adding that it’s “super sexy.”

The other reviews of “Bikes Train” include comments that say it’s not really a sex tool, and that it could hurt someone if they get too close.

One woman even complained that the device would hurt her “backside” because it’s made from silicone and would make her “wet.”

But another reviewer praised the device’s design and said that “if you have a sex addiction it’s a great toy” and “it’s pretty great for that.”

“I would buy this toy if it was not for the sex addiction, it would make me stop using my phone or not go to work,” she wrote.

Another woman said she’s a “sexual health professional” who has a “sex addiction.”

“It’s nice to see that this toy is a sex aid that is safe for the body and not a harmful tool,” she said.

The Toybonds website also notes that the stand can be worn for hours without the user feeling any discomfort, and claims that the vibrations don’t interfere with normal sexual activity.

But there’s one person who’s not quite convinced.

“I love this toy, so I think I might be addicted,” wrote one woman on the site.

“I think it’s cute but would it hurt me if I was on my back?”

The woman also said she might be able to use the device if she “just goes to the bathroom and rubs her butt.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Toybord’s founder, David Egan, defended the product’s design.

“If you have sex for any length of time, the vibrator will be stimulated,” he said.

“And there are no downsides to that, so that’s what’s really cool about it.

You’re not going to get sick or anything.

If you’re just getting off or relaxing, that’s great.”

He also said that the toy has been approved for use in Canada and that the company plans to expand the line.

The company’s website says it plans to release a second “Bicycle Trainer Stand.”

Follow USA TODAY reporter Stephanie Sussman on Twitter: @stephaniesussman

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