Ho scale trains are coming to the US, but can you ride them?

Ho scale trains are coming to the US, but can you ride them?

Ho scale train riders in the US can now buy a ticket for six-hour rides, but a US state senator wants them banned.

Senator Ted Strickland of Delaware says the trains are dangerous and pose a danger to riders.

The trains are designed to allow people to ride for as little as five hours on their own in a space that is often small and cramped.

But Stricklands amendment would require a new type of train with more seating and more safety features to be built.

He says they don’t do enough to ensure the safety of passengers and that there should be some restrictions.

He wants a state program that would require train operators to post safety notices on their trains and require them to pay a fee for each passenger.

The rider fees would help fund the state program.

The bill passed the Senate late Monday.

The legislation is sponsored by Republican state Sen. Mike McCormack and Democrat state Rep. Tom Pomerantz.

They have no opposition.

In response to the bill, McCormack wrote on Twitter: “There is a growing fear in the country that trains will one day become dangerous for our citizens and we must protect our roads and public safety first.

I am proud to support a safer, more comfortable, and cost effective transportation system that meets the needs of our citizens.”

The bill is sponsored in part by McCormack’s father, who has owned a railroad since the early 1970s.

“He was an early adopter of the railroads and has had a deep love for America,” the bill states.

McCormack said he is worried the new train technology will make the trains more dangerous.

“I know they are safe but they are also dangerous and we need to make sure that people are safe,” McCormack told the AP.

“We need to be vigilant about this technology and make sure we are making sure it is safe for the people of the state.”

In an interview with NBC News, McCormacks spokesman said the bill would create a safety net for passengers who don’t have a vehicle.

“There are people who can ride these trains for free,” said spokesman Steve Smith.

“It’s very important to note that we don’t need to get into a debate about whether it’s safe to ride these kinds of trains.”

The trains have been used in the U.S. for generations.

In the late 1950s, the first trains were built to carry people on their first trip from California to Washington, D.C. McCormacks bill would allow people who already ride trains to buy a second ticket.

He said people could also get tickets to ride them on the train from other states, and they could purchase tickets to other states from the ticketing website www.ho-scale.com.

The company trains are sold by private companies, including Amtrak and the Illinois-based Southern Illinois Rapid Transit System.

McCormick’s legislation would allow the company to license its technology and build a pilot program for the U,S.

In California, the company has operated two trains, one of which has been used for people in the United Kingdom.

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