How aero trainers have gone from a novelty to a ‘futuristic’ sport

How aero trainers have gone from a novelty to a ‘futuristic’ sport

From the time they’re kids, the children of some of the world’s best track and field athletes know that they’ll need to train with a forklift to get the most out of their training.

But with the advent of aero bikes and the development of a wider range of equipment, the ability to train in aero gear is becoming increasingly common.

In fact, a number of major track and sport teams now use aero machines as part of their equipment.

The difference?

It’s no longer the child who has to train.

The athlete is.

Now, in a bid to create a more sustainable environment for the sport, the world of sport and fitness is getting more and more involved in the technology behind it.

But what is an ‘Aero Trainer’?

An ‘Aerosmith’ is a bike that incorporates aero technology.

Photo: ABC Sport “The world of fitness has become a lot more open, because the technology has become more accessible,” says Michael Sivak, head of marketing and innovation at the Australian National Team.

“Now, athletes can train on the go.

They can train in their homes or wherever they’re living, and can use whatever equipment they like.”

So, what is aero?

Aero is a term used to describe the use of aerodynamic materials in the shape of a bicycle’s handlebars.

Aero can be used in many different ways, and it can be anything from a lightweight carbon fibre handlebar to a highly aerodynamic wheel with a built-in bar.

“You can see it in the design of the bike itself, as well as in the bike’s suspension, seat post and seat clamp,” Mr Sivack says.

“But the key thing is that the rider is the ultimate aerodynamicist, and we’ve found that the aerodynamics work best when you’ve got someone who’s able to get it right.”

There are many types of aerodynamics, and they can range from aero through to aero-style suspension and brake systems, to a rider who uses aero as part the design.

“We use a range of different aerodynamics,” Mr Broussard says.

The key is to find the right balance between performance and comfort.

Photo by John Erens The idea is that there are three types of athletes: those who need the highest performance and those who are looking to achieve that level of performance without a need for aerodynamics.

In other words, those looking to go faster, be more explosive and have a better chance of winning.

The team behind the popular ‘Aerotank’ training device says its unique aerodynamic design makes it a “great tool for a rider looking to train faster, more explosive or perform better”.

The Aerotank is designed for the ‘big guy’ of the sport.

Photo : Supplied The Aerobit system is designed to allow riders to get on a bike without any support.

Photo / Supplied “It allows you to get in the saddle, put your feet on the pedals and get up in the air,” Mr Eren is quoted as saying.

“It’s just a little bit of extra support.”

It can be designed to help riders with a high-intensity sport, such as triathlon, but also for the more casual rider looking for the best balance and the most control of the rider.

A couple of years ago, a team of Australian athletes used a combination of aerobics and aerodynamics to train at a local community centre.

The Aerosmith was used in conjunction with the group’s local trainer, which uses the technology to provide a more realistic and safe training environment for athletes.

While the Aerotanks have become a popular alternative to traditional track training equipment, they are still not the norm for most athletes.

According to Mr Brousseard, the majority of athletes in Australian track and sports are looking for “more control and a bit more performance” and he is looking to change that.

“I think that aerodynamics are important in a lot of the things we do,” he says.

And with more and better aerodynamics coming out, that’s exactly what is happening.

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