When train delays make you hungry for more

When train delays make you hungry for more

Amtrak trains are often delayed for days or even weeks due to the weather, and many of the delays are due to people who are sick or tired.

So if you want to get the most out of your train ride, consider these tips for when to eat and when to drink.


Eat healthy Before and after a big meal, try to eat something healthy.

There are many options, and the most important one is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

A healthy meal is full of fiber, protein, and vitamins, and they’ll help you stay hydrated.


Drink water Before and during your train journey, make sure you drink enough water.

The water can help you lose weight and keep your blood pressure up, so drinking enough water is important.


Eat at least three small meals during your trip The good news is that it’s possible to eat a meal or two in the same day, even if you’re not hungry.

That’s because the brain adjusts to a short meal time, so it needs to be full.


Drink plenty of water During your trip, be sure to drink enough to keep you hydrated and avoid dehydration.

Some experts say that drinking enough to help you feel satisfied will help you get through the day.


Eat breakfast Before and at the start of your trip eat at least a cup of oats, toast, a cup or two of nuts, a small bowl of fruit, or a banana.

Try to avoid sugar.


Drink enough water You can take in about two to three glasses of water before or after your trip.

You’ll want to drink at least four glasses of fresh water every two hours.


Get exercise Before and throughout your train trip, try not to skip a workout.

There’s no reason to skip an activity when you can eat a healthy, nutritious meal and drink a healthy drink.


Drink a glass of water each day The amount of water you drink each day will affect how well your brain functions.

Some people need about three to five glasses of fluids a day, while others need more than four to five.


Drink the water in the bottle If you drink water, it’s recommended that you drink a glass, rather than taking it as a sip.


Avoid caffeine and alcohol You’re better off drinking water if you can avoid it.

Drinking alcohol helps you feel full, and caffeine can make you sleepy.


Be mindful Before you board your train, be mindful of how you’re feeling and how much water you’re drinking.


Stay hydrated If you have a fever, your body may start to produce more fluids than normal.

This is normal.

But if you have diarrhea, you’ll need to drink more water, and you’ll also need to stop taking laxatives.


Drink lots of water Before you head home, drink a little more water than you normally would.


Avoid food before a meal The amount you eat before a train journey will affect your mood, so you should avoid foods that may be full of sugar, fat, or salt.


Avoid caffeinated drinks If you’re having a hard time getting through a meal, you may need to skip your meal or drink water.


Be aware of your temperature Your body’s response to the temperature you’re experiencing depends on your age, sex, and health.

If you don’t feel hot, your immune system is likely to kick in, and your body will start to release toxins.


Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts Before and in the afternoon, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Try and get at least one large fruit or vegetable a day.


Drink more water During a trip, drink more than you usually would, because your body adjusts to short times.

You may need a glass or two a day to help your brain get through your meal.


Eat the same amount of food each day You’re probably already doing this.

But don’t skip eating a healthy meal and drinking a healthy cup of water every day.


Don’t eat the same foods each day If you need to get more exercise, eat more fruits and veggies, and get more sleep.


Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and laxatives If you take a laxative, such a diuretic or anti-diuretic, you’re likely to get sick.

But you don,t have to take one if you don’ t need it.

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